I need to start editing my thoughts.

Sometimes I feel I should really knock myself on the head for the silly things I say. Just a few days ago, I was complaining about how life seemed to be so boring. Both my work life and my personal life seemed to have hit a wall of some sort and it was just annoying. I felt a little stuck…like things were not going anywhere and I had just lost my motivation.

But as always, just when I think things start to look bleak, something (or somethings) happen and make me regret even saying I was bored. Right now, I have 2 trips to Phuket, 3 training days and a huge product registration thingy I have to deal with. Mind you, all of this is work related and has to be dealt with within the span of a month!

It may sound really ridiculous, but I actually have plans for all my weekends from now until the end of the year…actually, make that until the middle of January 2009. How does that even happen? There used to be a time when I wouldn’t have any plans for the weekend at all. It used to be filled with the usual clubbing, sleeping, lazing about and shopping routine. There never was anything else to do. Now, I have to allocate time for friends and even boyfriend…heck, it seems like I’m even going to have to allocate time for myself just to recover from all the activity.

Don’t get me wrong though…I’m no social butterfly, nor am I a socialite of sorts (if only I were…Imagine all the wonderful parties I’d get to go to and all the lovely bags and shoes I’d have…sigh) But somehow by just being a normal person who wants to juggle work, play, family and friends, I seem to have ended up having 2 months of plans without even breaking a sweat.

Then again, it could just be ‘that time of the year’. When bosses get bored coz there isn’t much to do with sales as all accounts are being closed. Or when Christmas is around the corner and suddenly everyone dear to you seems to be of top priority (not that I’m Christian, but I just LOVE Xmas). Or maybe it’s just my luck for speaking too soon about how bored I feel with life. Hmm…I should really edit my thoughts more next time (as if...LOL).

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