I miss you...

10 days seemed like a really short time…especially when we’ve been apart for longer. But somehow, it didn’t matter. Just knowing you’d be so far away made me sad. I almost cried when you left…thinking about how we wouldn’t have our long talks for 10 days made me want to cry. It hurt…so much.

Although we’ve kept in touch, through messages and short calls, it still seems lacking. Nothing can replace having you by my side, knowing that at the end of the day you are there for me, to make me feel better no matter how bad things were. I miss you so much.

But you’re coming back soon and I’m counting down every hour. I’m thinking of how I’m going to be when I see you, when I finally get to hold you again. Just the thought of it makes me smile…

Never thought I’d miss anyone this much. Never thought I’d let anyone into my heart the way I have with you. Never dreamt I’d be so much in love with you. But I’m so glad, so happy and so overwhelmed. I just want you back…because with you around, everything just seems better.

Less than a day to go…I can’t wait.

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