Rubbed the wrong way...

Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly clicked with them? Like somehow you may have known them from another time or something. Conversation just flows, jokes are immediately understood and before you know it, you're like best friends. I know a few people like that and can honestly say that they've been among the most important people in my life.
On the flipside, have you ever met someone that instantly just got under your skin? Someone that rubbed you the wrong way with everything he/she says? Most of the time, when you meet someone like that, you'd probably just turn around and run in the other direction.
But...what if that person turned out to be your new colleague? What the hell are you going to do? Quit your job?!
I guess the penalty for having a pretty okay life in all other aspects is that my work life has to have some issues. And though most aren't really huge things (i.e: too many projects, multi-tasking to the much and not really doing what you thought you'd be doing), they usually are issues that we deal with and move on. We convince ourselves that it's part of the job and get on with it...like the responsible adults we're supposed to be.
But...an annoying colleague? I mean, the guys just started 5 days ago and I'm already an Ice Queen to him. For some reason, he just rubs me the wrong way. I don't know if it's because of his extremely pretentious manner or that he seems to get overly personal with his questions...or perhaps it's just the ways he speaks and acts too much like a child that makes me just want to smack him across his head and tell him to "Grow UP!!!". Hmm...I dunno...
Doesn't help that my boss is soooooooo impressed with him just because he's a Toastmasters Champion or something. Doesn't matter that he has no experience in sales at all. Nor does it matter that he can't seem to put himself in other peoples shoes (He says everyone has the same speaking ability when I tried to explain that some of the staff came from more Chinese speaking backgrounds and hence aren't used to using English much).
Argh...I dunno. I just hope this passes. Maybe once he gets his ass whooped by some customers, he'll finally start having some level of humility and empathy. I'm so mean...sigh...

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