Moments that make you sigh...

*WARNING* Incredibly mushy and soppy post ahead. Please do not read if you believe that public declarations of affection and love should not be allowed.

Now that I got that over with...I just have to say that I have the BEST boyfriend in the whole, wide world. I mean, seriously, he's wonderful...and his most recent act has brought me close to tears. So I just had to blog about it.

I just got back from a trip to Hong Kong and Macau today. I stayed 2 nights in Hong Kong and 1 night (last night) in Macau. The trip was planned way before I even had a bf and the main aim was to go meet a couple of Unimates and also check out the hype about HK and Macau.

For those of you who know me long enough, you'll know that I'm mostly an independant traveller. I don't mind going to a place by myself and do the whole tourist thingy alone. I never usually have to go somewhere with a companion because sometimes, it's just much easier travelling without having to pander to the whims and fancies of a travel mate. But, this time I wasn't really going to be alone...not in HK anyways coz I have 2 Unimates doing their masters there so they were my tour guides & shopping buddies for the 3 days I was there. However once I got to Macau yesterday, I was on my own.

See, my bf is Portugese and as we all know, Macau was a Portugese colony up until about a decade ago. So imagine the excitement in his eyes before I went as he told me what I should see and what I should eat and all. He truly did want me to get as much a taste of Portugese culture as possible and being a curious person, I really wanted to know if Macau would be all it was cracked up to be.

Thing is, once I got to Macau and checked into my hotel room, it was already 4pm. I got out as quickly as I could coz I wanted to see as much as possible before it got dark and all. Somewhere around 5.30pm after I had seen the Ruins of St. Paul's church, it started to rain so heavily that I was forced to take refuge at a cosmetics store to wait out the storm. At that moment, surrounded by beautiful Portugese buildings, the heavy rain pouring and being all alone in a sea of couples, families and tourists, all I could think of was "I really wished he was with me now"...

30 minutes later, the rain subsided and in my damp and lonely-ish state, I continued to walk around some of the popular streets of Macau and check out a casino or two before heading back to the hotel.

Now come the mushy part. Today after getting home, I called my bf up and told him I missed him like crazy especially when I was in Macau. With so many things being Portugese and all it was hard not to think of him and I really did wish he was with me coz he would have made the experience so much better. Then he told me "I was going to come see you...in Macau". I paused...what did he mean? He then went on the explain that he had tried all week to reach his cousin, saying that he thought he'd fly in on Saturday, spend a day with his cousin and the on Sunday when I came to Macau, he wanted to surprise me at the Ruins of St. Paul's church.

He had told me about his cousin in Macau and he had even said that he wanted his cousin to meet me and pass him something for him. All week, I was aware that he was trying to contact his cousin but he couldn't seem to get a hold of him. His frustration at this got me annoyed coz I thought why not just give my number to his cousin and when I get to Macau, we can just co-ordinate a meeting. He had asked if his cousin could meet me at the Hotel I was staying at but I didn't tell him my hotel details coz I thought it would just be too troublesome for his cousin. So since I didn't get any calls on Sunday from his cousin, I assumed that the meeting wasn't going to work out.

Imagine my surprise then when he tells me today that he wanted all the info so that he could come see me himself...just to be with me and visit Macau together. He even talked to my brother about it...But when he found out that his cousin was in Thailand until the end of the month, and he didn't have the details of my hotel nor the exact plans of my travels (I don't really have a set travel schedule I stick to, you know), the whole plan couldn't work...so he didn't come. But the thought that he actually was willing to just buy a ticket and come be with me, all the way in Macau...it really touched me and I nearly cried. No one has ever done anything so remotely sweet and romantic for me...ever.

His plans may not have worked out but he has given me something far more wonderful in return...the feeling of knowing that I am wanted by a loving and wonderful man who makes me feel on top of the world with his beautiful gestures. Now I simply can't wait to go to Macau again, and this time with him...sigh :)

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Psychosis Personified said...

was this to gushy? uh....YES.

kidding. happy for u girl.

n if d boy is reading, gotta hand it to ya man. u really know how to treat a girl.