Random thoughts

It's 4.15pm and I'm at my office...preparing a presentation for a meeting tomorrow. The air-cond is soooooooooo super cold that my fingers feel frozen and typing is getting to be a bit annoying. Not to mention my brain is slowing down a bit coz the blood circulation to it is being cut down to prevent my heart from stopping due to the chilly weather. Okay...so I am exagerating. What can I say? I'm a drama queen.

Anyways, I'm supposed to be focusing on work but somehow I keep thinking about random things...totally unrelated to work...

1. Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte

Ever since I first had this drink a few years back, I've been hooked. Sadly, it's not a permanent fixture on the Malaysian Starbucks menu and when I had it back in the day, it was just a promotional thingy. Imagine my glee when I found that it's part of the menu in Singapore and Japan...yippee!!! I swear, while I was in Japan I looked forward to my trips to the Nagoya train station coz I knew I'd be getting myself this lovely drink...Sigh, imagine sipping a hot cup of chai tea as you watch the hustle and bustle of commuters pass you by. Makes you appreciate the simple things in life even more.

By the by, last Sunday a trip to the Gardens Starbucks outlet revealed that they now have the drink again...sadly, it's only a promotion thingy and started on the 1st of May. Will have to wait and see if they make it permanent. In the mean time, I've already gone twice to get my fix ;)

2. My tattoo design
Last Sunday, I set a date for my very first tattoo. I've always wanted one and I had a design in mind...and somehow, this year seems like the right year to do it. My inital design is a tribal design that I drew some years ago when I was still in Uni.
Problem is due to the details in the design, it's gonna have to be much bigger than I initially planned. Another thing is, Young Padawan feels that it doesn't seem like a design that fits my character too well. At first I kept justifying how it does represent me and all, but the more I think about it, the more I feel that maybe I should re-think the design. I mean it looks cool now but 30 years down the road, will I still be happy with it?

So I thought I'd do a little more research into the design...I'm thinking of something romantic like a red rose and hearts. It's not going to be very unique but at least it's a safe bet. I love roses and all things romantic so I'm probably gonna be happy with it even when I'm old and grey.

Any thoughts? I kinda like the 3rd one with the 3 roses and dragonflies...maybe I'll chnage the dragonflies to butterflies to better suit me...still thinking about it though. The date is set for the 19th of July, exactly a month before my b'day. So by the time it's my b'day, my tattoo will be ready for the world to see...muahahahahaha.

3. American Boys

Not talking about real American boys but about the song...I heard it this morning on the way to work and I got hooked. Sung by Estelle and featuring Kanye West, it's got an infectious rhythm and I love the lyrics and the way she sings...simply lovely. I wonder what category of music it falls under coz it's too pop to be Hip Hop and RnB. Whatever it is, it's I wanna hear more!!! :)

4. My trip to Korea

While I was in Japan, I kept wanting to go to Seoul for a holiday since it was so close to Nagoya and it was relatively cheap. The plan never materialized coz I obviously appreciate drunken escapades in the clubs of Nagoya more that immersing myself in another foreign culture.

Anyways, I'll be going there for a training next weekend. I leave on the 17th and return on the 21st. My boss was nice enough to give me 2 free days there to do whatever I want...so, I'll be doing a little site seeing and hopefully some shopping. Am soooooo excited coz it's a fully paid for trip and I love travelling. If only I could do more of it :)

5. Coach bags

Inspired by the fact that I'll be able to do some duty free shopping during my trip to Korea, I've been looking at Coach bags a lot these past few days. The bags are way too expensive coz of the duty and exchange rates here but I'm hoping that in the duty free place, the prices may be closer to the ones they have in the US. And after looking at the website so many times, I've narrowed down the possibilities to a few choice items...

You can see that I'm getting a bit carried away and a little too excited with all this...sigh...what can I say. I want a Caoch Bag! So, hopefully it will be cheaper there and I can treat myself to at least one of them...hehe

Damn!!! It's 5.30pm already...and my presentation is still not done (no surprise why it's not done though lol). Better get to it then...


Bren said...

hhmm...not sure which tattoo will suit u best, but jus wanna suggest u get smth other than coach..it's carried by practically everyone n monograms? i think there are quite a few designer brands out there that are in the same price range like loewe...not as well known, but i feel has better designs n more value for money..most coach bags are fabric, n if u'r going to spend more than rm300 for a bag, it shud b at least leather. but in the end, as long as u like it, go for it. :)

Psychosis Personified said...

maybe incorporate the third and the fourth one. I like the fourth one, for the simple lines. then maybe put the roses in n the lines will be the stems....