Room makeover and new phone

So, it's been awhile since I've gotten down to blog about stuff. Truth is, I've been incredibly busy...with work, holiday in Singapore and more recently, making over my room. Now, before I go on about what I did to it, here are a couple of pictures before i got to doing anything.

My work on the room started last weekend at Ikea. For 3 years I've been dreaming of getting the Meldal daybed and I thought it was high time I finally just get it. So after figuring out where all the furniture would go in the room, I made the purchase and happily went over to the delivery counter to organize the delivery of my lovely, new daybed. Sigh...I could hardly wait until Tuesday :)

On Monday, I got home after work as quickly as I could to begin work on painting my room walls. When we first started renting the apartment, our lanlady had painted the walls a beautiful, clean white colour. Unfortunately, the paint had started to yellow and didn't look too attractive anymore. Hence I decided that it'd be good to repaint the walls. For some reason, I'm totally in love with purple right now...so, I painted the walls a shade of Lilac. The colour seemed lighter on the colour chart at Ace Hardware but, after the paiting was done I must say I'm kinda happy that it's darker coz it gives the room more colour.

Anyways, it took me about 4 hours to do it but I managed to finish painting my room before getting to bed that night. The next day, my furniture and more importantly, MY BED, arrived. After the Ikea guys set up the bed and chest of drawers, I got to arranging the rest of the furniture. And after days of organizing and a final clean up today, my room is finally ready. Take a look...

Ah, my lovely Meldal daybed...sigh :)

My mirror that has yet to be put up and the corner storage area with odds and ends

Pink table and the purple carpet bring a little more colour into the room

Laundry basket, Closet and Chest of drawers...

I just love this little corner with the mirror

My earring display...i really have too many

On another note, I finally got a new phone. For those who don't know, I had my D500 for 3 years and recently it's been showing some signs of aging. The keypad was a bit annoying and the exterior looked terrible. Plus, the battery was dying. So, after talking with Tracy about it, I decided to just get a new phone. I got the Samsung U600, part of their Ultra Edition 2. I'm still fiddling around with it so once I get more stuff to say about it, I'll blog again ;)

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