A drive in the countryside...

Part of my job description is to maintain relationships with clients and to find out if they have any issues with our products. This entails having to visit the clients, where ever they may be. Just my luck that we have few clients in the countryside and when I mean countryside, I mean more than an hours drive from KL and in the middle of palm oil estates or paddy fields.

Yesterday, I drove to Sabak Bernam. For those who do not know where that is...it's actually a district of Selangor about 2 hours drive from KL city centre. Truth be told, I had absolutely no idea how to get there. I usually only use the NSE, NKVE, Sprint, LDP, etc...basically, any higway that is on the traffic news on Hitz.fm. I have not been on any trunk roads in ages, let alone drive on them. So, going to Sabak Bernam was truly an adventure especially since I went by myself.

Anyways, thankfully it was a beautiful day with wonderfully blue skies. And the scenery was amazing. I haven't been on a drive in such a long time that I felt like I was in another country. The roads were not fantastic...but the bumbs and irregularities did make for an interesting drive. Hehe. There were lots of palm oil estates, some paddy fields and even a herd of cows! So cool! Yes, I have seen cows but, it's been a while.

The long road to Sabak Bernam

Just look at how blue the sky is...sigh

After 2 hours I reached my destination...a small town called Sungai Besar. While trying to look for my clients office, I called him to let him know where I was. But...he tells me that he has a last minute meeting with his boss that he absolutely just has to go for. He then tells me that he'll call me as soon as he's done because it shouldn't take too long. So to kill time, I thought I'd look around the town.

Since the town is so small, it didn't take me long to find a place that seemed okay for me to waste time at. There was a KFC, a The Store and a few other shops. I parked my car and proceeded to look around. What can I say, there wasn't anything too out of this world (not too sure exactly what I was hoping to find though). Managed to buy some stuff for the apartment. Tracy sent me an sms and asked me to get dishwashing liquid and laundry detergent. So, I thought why not just get it from The Store.

For lunch, I decided to eat at KFC...it seemed like the most single-friendly place around and I wasn't feeling too adventurous to try any local stuff. Since it was the school holidays, KFC was packed. Luckily, I got a table for 2 just by the door (how pathetic but beggers cannot be choosers).

My lunch...all alone...in Sungai Besar

The packed KFC

After lunch, it was close to 2 hours since I had arrived in town and taking Tracys advice (I kept calling her coz I was sooooooo bored and lonely during lunch ;P), I called my client again. His assistant said he was still in a meeting. So, I told him to pass on the message that I'd come again another day. After that was done, I headed back to KL.

I took a different route back but the scenery was basically the same...only difference was that there were more towns on the way and a little more traffic. I think I prefered the ride to Sabak Bernam more than the ride back. I was thinking of maybe spending a Sunday just taking a leisurely drive there and maybe make some stops, take in the sights. Hmm, sounds like a plan ;)

And by the way, is it just me or has the sky cleared up recently...like since after the election on Saturday? I mean, we were having so many weeks of hazy and sucky weather. But suddenly, on Sunday the sky was just soooooo blue and it's been that way ever since. Maybe it's just a coincidence or maybe the so called wind of change has actually come and blown away some of the scum. Hopefully, the good weather is here to stay :)

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Tapir said...

i am sungai besar boy who have have setlled in Klang Valley..
rest assured you, there is so much to discovered in Sungai Besar,..
let me know if you have any plan...