The perfect dress

Have you ever set your eyes on something (handphone, shoes, handbag...whatever), and just instantly fell in love with it? Being the shopaholic that I am, it's happened to me a few times. The first time was with my handphone, the Samsung D500. I saw it before it was formally released in the market and I just knew I had to have it...and I got it! In fact, I'm still having it :)

Another time, it was with this gorgeous Guess satchel that I saw online. I went to every Guess store I knew in search of it...but somehow, Malaysia just didn't have it. So, I went to Singapore and found it there. Yeay!!! And of course, I got it.

Anyways, back to the main topic. A few months ago, I saw this gorgeous, deep green evening gress at Coast. I went in to have a closer look only to be hit by the harsh reality that a dress that beautiful will most definately carry a price tag to match. The dress cost RM1150...sigh. Tracy was with me at the time and she kept asking me to just try it on. But seriously, there was no way I could afford it and to me, if I can't afford it why even bother trying it. Coz if it fits beautifully, I'm gonna be sooooooooooo upset that I'm too middle class to afford it.

Fast forward to yesterday...Me and Tracy was at Pavillion just looking around while passing time on a lazy Saturday afternoon. There was a Coast shop there too and as always, with a little nudge from Tracy, we go in. The dress I fell for was still there, except instead of deep green, they only had it in purple. So, I casually walk over looking a little interested in it (trying to not show how much I love the cut and feel of the fabric), when I get the shock of my life. I looked at the price tag and it said RM345. I blink a few times, just to make sure my eyes are seeing correctly, and it was right! RM345!!! 75% off!!! Yikes!!!!!!!
When I told Tracy, she was like "Try it on!". Now that it no longer carries a 4 digit price tag, I figure I might as well see if my perfect dress truly is perfect. After getting the right size and trying it on, all I could say is, "I WANT THIS DRESS!!!" I walked out, showed Tracy, got her opinion and twirled a bit in it just to savour the feeling of being in such a luxurious piece of clothing. The dress made me feel like a princess...now, if only I could find my prince to help pay for it...LOL
As much as I wanted it, as much as it looked good on me, I still could not justify paying RM345 on an evening dress that I do not have an occasion to wear to. After a final twirl and changing back into my boring casual clothes, I walked out of Coast without getting it. Me and Tracy continnued the window shopping but seriously, my attention was on the dress and the dress alone. I wanted to sulk...

Then, I got an idea! Let's call mum ;) After all my independance, I am a mummy and daddy's girl. And thankfully, I have a really understanding mum. I told her about the dress and my huge dilemma in deciding to buy it, and this is what she said "If you like it that much, just buy it". Yeay!!! I got support! After a little victory lap (which means I drag Tracy pass a few shops just to fill her in on the coversation with mum), we head straight for Coast and I finally buy the dress.

Sigh...words cannot describe how I felt when the transaction went through and I walked out the shop with my lovely dress in its pretty lilac packaging and bag. Truth be told, I don't know if I really look that fabulous in the dress but, I sure as hell feel like a diva in it. Now, if only someone would get married or have a huge ball-esque party ;)

A front and side back view of me in the dress...now, if only I could find my way to the red carpet :P (Pictures courtesy of Miss Tracy. Thank you Young Padawan.)


Bren said...

Hehe...you WILL find a place n occasion to wear it to. And ur mum is right, if you like it that much, just buy it. :)

sunil said...

The dress looks simply devine on u...not the other way round...........sigh i would have been so honoured to be the prince to buy the dress for u (if Only,..sigh!! im not that lucky) . Guess which view of u in the dress i like most. ;P.

cinderella eat ure heart out!!!!

Blenda said...

You write very well.