The RM54,000 proposal

Right now at my office, the hottest gossip (or news, I should say) is about the RM54,000 proposal that an exec did for his gf here on VDay. If you do not already know about it, you can read all the juicy details here. It happened about a week ago and I did read about it in the newspaper but physically, I had not seen the billboard in question even though it's soooooooo close to where i work. What can I say, I wasn't really compelled to see a billboard of a guy proposing when the guy ain't that hot, the ring isn't really that visible and I'm not the person the ad was for in the first place.

Anyways, yesterday when me and some of my workmates went out to lunch, the topic came up. And since most of us had not seen it yet, we decided we'd make a small diversion to check out the now infamous billboard. Okay, I really don't know what we were expecting to see coz the billboard looked exactly like it did in the news article (like DUH! as if it would change just coz we were seeing it in person). But, upon seeing the ad, we all started discussing about the proposal.

Here's the deal...if your bf spent RM40,000 on a billboard just to pop the question, what would you do? Personally, I'd smack him in the head for being such a fool. I really don't care how filthy rich a guy is...spending RM40,000 on something that is of no value is just ridiculous. Imagine how many people could be fed with that money, how many clothes could be bought...you could even get a car for that kind of money. Why, oh why, waste it on a billboard??? I wasn't the only one who thought so...a couple of my married colleageus felt the same too, that it was a waste of good money.

One of my colleagues though was quick to point out that maybe we'd feel differently if we were on the receiving side of the proposal. I wonder though...I think the initial shock of getting the proposal may restrict all logic thinking for a bit. But chances are, as soon as all normal brain function returns, I'm probably gonna smack him. I think the guy just did it for publicity...he just wanted to show off to everyone that he has pockets deep enough to fund this silly display of love (somebody, gag me please...).

Now, you'll notice that I'm not saying anything about the whopping RM14,000 that he spent on the ring. Truth is, diamonds truly are a girls best friend. And more often than not, the more or the bigger, the better. At least the diamond can be worn by the girl forever, but what in the world can she do with that billboard that's gonna sit on the side of the LDP for the rest of the month? Probably burn it into memory and look back on the day when her bf spent sooooooooooooooooooooooo much cash on her. Yikes!!! What happens if the marriage doesn't work out? Damn...that would be so sad. Should've just given her the cash. At least she could get herself stuff or maybe even use it for the wedding!

Okay, so maybe I'm being overly critical and too practical. Maybe things are going to be just chirpy for them and they'll live happily ever after. Maybe OTT displays of love like this should be acceptable and should not get the scrutiny it's getting from me. I don't know...Truth is, I always imagined proposals to be quiet and very private events. But then again, maybe that's just me.


nemesis-on-fire said...

yeah, actually, i thought the same thing... he could spend 40K on the ring and 14K on an advert in the paper... know what i'm saying? heck, spend 54K on a whole set of diamonds (earring, ring, necklace, etc.) won't u agree?

WHY AN UGLY BILLBOARD???? it IS ugly man... my friend n i said the same thing when we saw it: man, i hope the wedding lasts :P

sunil said...

what happened to the thought behind it that matters.........geez women now days have no appreciation for out of the way gestures.very sad!! the price maybe a little overboard but if he can afford it why not.........

akinotaiyo19 said...

It's still a huge waste of money Sunil...regardless of how damn rich he is. And we women do appreciate out of the way gestures...just depends on what the gesture is and in what context it was done. Chances are his gf is the OTT type who wants to be in the limelight or something. Or maybe he's just like that. Besides it's my opinion man :P