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So today i spent a good number of hours reading a friends friends' blog. At first, i just ventured to her site coz it had an interesting name. Then, after reading her latest blog entry, i was hooked. I just had to know more about what was going on in her life.

Now, you're probably wondering what in the world did she write about that got me so hooked? Well, she was just bitching about her husband being inconsiderate. How he doesn't appreciate the little things she does to make life a little easier i.e. ironing and cooking. Her previous post was about Vday and how he didn't make much of an effort about it and when he did suggest dinner, it seemed so forced...as if he really couldn't care about it at all.

After the next few posts that also seemed to be filled with issues involving her hubby, I decided to poke around her blog and find out more about her. Found out that she is a newlywed and has just recently moved to a totally new place (after getting married and all). And then I poked some more and went back as far as her engagement, how he proposed and even some stuff before.

One thing I realised was things were so much chirpier when they were not married yet. And that got me thnking. So many times you meet couples who are totally smitten by each other before they exchange "I do's". But after the honeymoon, reality seems to hit them really hard. Day to day things get so routine and romance takes a back seat. Every little thing seems to be a cause for an argument.

My question is, what happens? How do people who thought the world of each other suddenly turn into people who just plod through the motions of daily living when they're together? Isn't marriage supposed to make the relationship better? Take it to another level? Or maybe this is just part of married life...the things that people don't tell you so much about. It could also just be that she's really stressed so little things get blown out of proportion.

Thing is I've heard about this thing many times before. And everytime I do, I start to think about what our expectations for married life are. Are we expecting too much?

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