I can't sleep

I can't sleep...and so, I blog. There's a reason I'm not sleepy even though it's 12.48am; and that reason is WORK. Early this morning (and early means 6am), me and my bro left our hometown to make our way back to KL to avoid having to deal with the madness that is the "CNY is over n we have to get home by Sunday nite" highway congestion. Plus, I had to go to work coz apparently the blood bank (BB) is understaffed with it being CNY and all. Sigh...the trouble with being on call.

Anyways, so I'm at the BB by 8.15am but can't start doing anything coz the lab doors are shut. Funny things is, they (BB ppl) asked me to come before 8am. Well, where the hell are they then??? I ended up having to wait until 9am before someone finally decided to come and open the door. At least I can get to work now.

After doing all the maintanence stuff and sorting out the samples, it was time to start the tests. Everything seemed to be going fine...except that about 2 hours into the testing, the machine breaks down on us. Damn!!! "Thankfully we have 2 machines", I thought. I thought too soon apparently coz before I knew it, I screwed up the tests on the 2nd machine as well. All I could think was "F*******CCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!"

Because of my silliness, actual testing of the blood samples could only start at 5pm...and the results would only be out at 11pm. Talk about a painful mistake. Not only do I have to do double the work, I also have to spend twice as much time as would have been necessary. Anyhoo, I stuck it out and finally managed to leave the place at 10.45pm. I could feel the tension in my eyes and my head felt like it was spinning. It's like I was having a hangover without having to go through the drinking phase.

Once I got home, my growling stomach was fed and soon after, my aching muscles were soothed by a warm shower. Only problem is, showers always wake me up; And that is thelast thing I wanted. All I wanted was to crash...hence the blogging. I'm hoping that this is going to slowly put me to sleep. By the looks of the uninspired writing, I think I'vr reached my goal :) Good nite

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