Last Friday, I went to delicious for the first time. I had this craving to eat something indulgent and extremely unhealthy. Young Padawan had suggested that after dinner, we could maybe go there to eat the chocolate cake coz apparently, it is to dies for. So, since I was feeling up to stuffing myself with more calories to make me feel better after my long day at work, I agreed.

Firstly, I was really impressed by the decor. It had this really urban cool, country feel to it. Must be all the white branches and bird caged lights i guess. The couches at the end were just amazing...perfect for lazing about on. Young Padawan loved them a little too much, as usual. She got extremely comfortable, very quickly. She almost wouldn't leave...until me and Dida decided to drag her ass off the couch and out of the place :P

Young padawan looking very comfortable on the delicious couch

Now to the food...after going through the menu, I settled on the chocolate brownie with ice cream. Was supposed to get the chocolate cake but since padawan said she and Dida usually have to share one, I decided to skip it. Plus, I had this overwhelming urge to have me a brownie. Hehe....oh the drama :P Anyhow, the brownie was incredible!!! Probably one of the best I have ever eaten. It had some spices in it which gave it this beautiful homely taste. And the cool ice cream melting seductively all over the warm brownie was incredible. Every bite seemed like a sin and though I was quite satiated from dinner, I just had to keep indulging in that sweet dessert. Thankfully, Dida was nice enough to help me finish the task off. Thanks, Dida.

Conclusion : delicious has incredibly delicious brownies. Wonder when my next vist will be...

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