I don't understand guys

What would you do if a guy sent you red roses? Some would say they'd be flattered and maybe even touched. But what if the flowers were from a guy that you have clearly told you want nothing more than to just be friends with? What would you do then?

Now, the guy that did this to me said that I was being presumptuous to think that he wanted anything more. But honestly, would a guy ever think to send a girl flowers if he didn't want something more? No offence to guys...i'm sure there are some really sweet guys out there...but most would never send flowers to girls unless they wanted to get into their panties. That or maybe they made a huge mistake and are trying to make it up to their girlfriend or wife.

Anyways, I'm guessing his pride got wounded and so he started making me out to be the bad guy in the whole deal...the fact that I assumed that he liked me and all. Honestly, he is such a girl. He sends me messages all the time for no reason...and I feel it's a chore to deal with the messages. It's funny coz usually girls are the ones who bug guys with silly sms's all the time. To think all this drama began because I had the need to broaden my circle of guy friends. Now I'm thinking I should just forget about guys for now...esp since they act like girls now.

Sigh....i don't get guys, i really don't.


Bren said...

Hehe. I see Valentine's Day is just around the corner... :)To be fair, it's not just guys who do it, girls do it too. We're just lucky enough not to have been so desperate, I guess. (and I hope never will be)

akinotaiyo19 said...

Maybe you're right...but still, after I told him I just want to be friends. You'd think he would get the hint. Oh well, just roll with the punches eh? :)

sunil said...

i so resent that