The busy weekend

I know, I know....it's Tuesday. Why the hell a I talking about last weekend now? Well, basically because I have a few things I need to get off my about it.

My story begins on Friday. I was initally supposed to go out with some of my ex-workmates to Asian Heritage Row. Sadly, one of them had to stay back late at work and another didn't quite feel up to it, so those plans came to an end. So, I sent Tracy an SMS informing her of my lack of plans for the night. She then asked if I wanted to go out with Dida and Angel to Zeta Bar. I was so hyped to get out of the house, I immediately said yes...anything to not stay home on a Friday night.

Now, I've been to Zeta Bar twice before. Both times it was to meet a friend. On my own, I'd never go there...I just don't like it. There's a band that plays live music and then they have a DJ too. The thing is, if I want to go out clubbing, I want to go to a place that has a constant flow of good, danceble music. It sucks if you get hyped when the DJ is on and then suddenly the band comes on with some undanceble number. Okay, so maybe I have high expectations but honestly, after 5 days of work, when I go out I really want to have a good time.

Another thing is the drinks at Zeta Bar are incredibly overpriced. There's hardly any alcohol in them! I guess it's a ploy to get people to buy the overly priced bottles instead. Then again, with the rich Mat Sallehs and Malaysian businessmen that frequent the place, I guess it's not really a huge deal for the club. Which brings me to my next gripe about the place...it's a sesspool (is that how to spell it?) filled with men and women who are on the hunt for their next lay. Really, it is...middle aged people trying to act cool in order to get the attention of the opposite sex who will possibly make all their drink buying worth their while. It's a lucky thing that Zeta Bar is actually part of the KL Hilton hotel...at least getting a room will not be a problem ;)

Anyhow, after that night I'm definately not going to go there again because it is not worth my time and money...plus, some b*tch burned me with her ciggie and I have a stupid scar on my back now.

Next day, I had to go into work for a few hours...just to check and see if everything was going fine and all. After lunch, Kiran called up and said he wanted to go out and get drunk. So, plans were made. Kiran picked us up around 7pm and we went over to have some dinner and shoot some pool at Midvalley. After a few rounds of pool ( I only joined in one coz seriously, my pool skills are severely lacking), we finally decided to go to TSB to get drunk.

So, we're all hyped up about going to TSB and all but unfortunately, we were stuck in a stupid car park jam in Midvalley. I can't believe it but we spent 45mins just trying to get out of the car park. But, being the hyper bunch that we are, we found ways to entertain ourselves...like blast the music high and start bouncing around in the car, check out some interesting movies on Kiran's handphone and just generally act like gits ;)

Anyways, about 11pm we were at TSB, bottle opened and we began playing two drinking games at once; bottles and buffalo. Okay, now here is a huge tip, if you want to get drunk and do it real quick, play the drinking games...you will not be let down. At the begining it's all well and good because you still have your wits about you...but as the game progresses and people lose, trust me, you can get drunk pretty quick. All we were doing was drinking and yelling out numbers...it ws so much fun. The only thing that could have made the situation better is if the music was more hip hop, rnb or pop. It was still a great time though...hehe

Only thing is, TSB closed about 2am and our bottle was done even before that. So, we decided to crash an AISEC intern party. Unfortunately, the party was incredibly boring. I thought that with more than half of the people there being foreigners it'd be really interesting. Sadly, I was let down...I'm sticking to the usual clubs for my partying from now on.

On Sunday, I had to go to the blood bank again...sigh. The things we do for work...Thankfully it was only for an hour. Once I got back, i took a nap to recover from all the drinking and lack of sleeping. Maybe next weekend will be a slow one...sorry, it will definately be a slow one. Going back to Ipoh so no clubbing next week then...LOL

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