I’m going to Hong Kong…again

Last year was a year filled with travel to places I’d never been before and would never have gone were it not for work. One of the places I visited was Hong Kong. I have two friends from Uni that were pursuing their specialization there whom I hadn’t met since I graduated. So when I got a pretty reasonable ticket (with AirAsia , of course) I made a decision to go.
With my uni friends

Now, Hong Kong has never been on the top of my travel list. I’m one of those people who prefer more to visit countries where English is the main language…very closed minded maybe but at least I know that I won’t be in a situation where I don’t understand anything and can’t even be sure of what I eat! Hence, I'm staying away from China...for now.

The lovely night skyline of Hong Kong from Victoria's Peak

Anyways, so I bought my ticket to Macau (it was cheaper than flying direct to HK) and thought that I’d make the most of it. Truth be told, both Hong Kong and Macau exceeded my expectations. Of course, my expectations were pretty low in the first place…Young Padawan had scared me with enough of her Hong Kong stories to make me really wonder if the trip was a good idea. And no one I knew had actually been to Macau recently so I didn’t have anything to go on.

The amazingly huge Coach store at Causeway Bay

Hong Kong truly is a great place for shopping…if you’re into harajuku-ish fashion. But, I did manage to find great bargains at the Zara and MNG. Also, I got to go to my first ever H&M store. My bf had been telling me about how good it is and all but I was pretty skeptical…I mean, guys don’t really get women’s fashion right most of the time. Well, shame on me for ever doubting what he said :)

H&M at Langham Place, Mongkok Station

It was fate that there was an H&M store just 10 minutes from my hostel room. And from the moment I stepped into the store, I knew that H&M was just perfect for me. With that began my love affair with the brand. I got really lucky when I went to the US for my training as well because there was an H&M store just a 5 minute bus ride away. Needless to say, in the two weeks that I was in the US I visited the store 5 times! It was fate I tell you

Anyway, the point of this terribly long post, is that I shall be making a trip to lovely Hong Kong again next month. It’s for work this time around but I’m pretty sure I can cram in a few hours to pay homage to H&M. Now, I’m just waiting to find out where my hotel will be so I can find the closest store and plan my trips…hehehe.

Hong Kong Times Square...I think there's an H&M here ;)

Hmm…I should really start figuring out what I want to get…and save some $$$.
Happy, happy days ahead.

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