I'm a cryer (is that even correct?). It's amazing how much I can cry. Sometimes I cry because someone's hurt me, sometimes it's just a release mechanism...when the world seems like an incredibly unfair place and I'm immensely depressed that the only thing that will help is to cry all my depression away.
But, I wonder if maybe my crying is too much. This morning I woke up to see my eyes swollen despite having at least 7 hours of sleep. I wonder if people can actually tell if you've been crying a lot? I wonder if crying that much actually makes any difference at all to the situation that made you cry in the first place.
One thing I do know...there are some situations when crying doesn't always make you feel better. Sometimes crying just keeps you in this very sad, sad place. Somehow in your mind, the world is not a happy place and even consuming insane amounts of chocolate doesn't make things any better.
Right now, I'm in that place and I'm not a very nice person to be with. But I want to snap out of it...I just can't figure out how. I can't cry anymore coz it's too damn tiring. And eating all the chocolate that's in my fridge is just ridiculous coz I don't want to be a fat, sad and depressing thing.
I need to snap out of this sorry state...someone, help me!

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