Are you from Boston?

Apparently, my English is really good...either it's my English or just my accent. A few of the Americans have commented about it and one guy even asked if I'm from Boston. Hmm...so I can pass off as a Bostonite (Is that what they're called?). I just told them that it's all thanks to watching lots of American TV Shows...hehe...well, it's the truth.

Anyhoo, on another note, I went shopping today and I loved it. Bought stuff from H&M and also got a pair of jeans from GAP. I just love the styles here...it's so simple and sophisticated. Very much like the stuff you get in Australia and New Zealand. And the prices are so great, especially at H&M. I mean USD5.90 for a tank top? How am I supposed to stay away from that? It's just too hard. And the jeans from GAP...it's in the Curvy style which is just perfect for me. All the jeans back home always make me feel like a fat cow, but GAP has the nicest fit for me...and I don't feel so fat in it. Yeay!!! Am hoping that I'll be able to get so more nice jeans when I head to SF City over the weekend. Fingers crossed.

While out shopping, I also took the liberty to people watch. Seriously interesting lah...I mean you have these really plus-size ish African-American girls who are wearing incredibly short, shorts and having seriously frightening, fluorescent colored acrylic nail extensions. Then there are the typical A&F boys with their nice jeans and sunglasses on, looking so 'high-school' cool. Of course, there's also the rasta like dudes with their dreads and extra baggy clothes. Also, the usual 'I think I'm so cool I'm gonna blast gangsta music while I drive' skinny black guys. Oh, and there are some fine looking latina girls with their super fit jeans and long hair, looking so fine. It's simply amazing the many different kinds of people you can see in just one short shopping trip in a small town outside SF City. Imagine what SF City is gonna be like...I can't wait to see now.

Oh, and finally...I simply adore Starbucks. They have my lovely Chai Tea Latte and it tastes exactly the way it tastes back home. Plus, the people at the Starbucks outlet were so cool...so funny and open, just like back home. Nice to know that you can always count on Starbucks to provide you a little comfort when you're so far away from home.

But, even so, I miss the Starbucks at Amcorp Mall...it's the company you're enjoying your drink with that truly makes the experience special. Can't wait to get back ;)

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