Belly dancing baby ;)

Last Friday I went for my first ever belly dancing class. I've been wanting to start it for so long but I've been procastinating for one reason or another. Work's too busy. Classes are too expensive. Lessons are too short. Dance studio so far away. The list goes on and on.

Anyways, I got to know about this belly dancing class that was organized by Lim Kok Wing University through a friend who's works there. She actually helped to organize the lessons that are being held now at the KL dance studio they have at Bukit Bintang. They have Latin dances on Wednesday, HipHop on Thursday and Belly Dancing on Friday. Since they're just starting up, the classes for the month of April are FREE!!! Plus, the lessons are 90 minutes long...50% more than the usual lessons at other dance studios. And I have a friend there, so I won't be so awkward and shy all the time.It seemed to be the perfect way to finally check out Belly Dancing. 

After some encouragement, I finally went for it last Friday. And it was great! I think all I needed was the push to go for the first class coz once I started I just wanted the class to go on and on. It really helps that belly dancing is usually an all girls thing so you don't feel self conscious about guys looking at you and stuff (I'm extremely self conscious when there's no alco in the blood). And belly dancing is so feminine and sensual but strong at the same time, so you really get a workout.

Now, I can't wait to go for class tomorrow. Nevermind that it's all the way in Bukit Bintang (I have to drive to a monorail station and then take a train to avoid the jams). But it's finally something I think I can stick to and maybe even get really good at. Maybe one day, I'll be able to dance like...Shakira! hehehe

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