New Years Resolutions

A new year has begun and as usual, it's that time of year to begin listing all the things that you want to achieve in life. Yes, yes...it's time to make resolutions again. I know, I know...you're probably thinking "What's the point in making resolutions when most of the time (that means about 99.9% of the time), we just never stick to them". Well i believe just making resoulutions and not keeping to them is still at least a step up form not bothering to make any resolutions at all. You see to me resolutions are promises...promises that you make to yourself year in and year out.

Problem is we just never think of ourselves as important enough and so just don't even care to take a little bit of an effort to try and live up to the promises we have given to ourselves. Personally, I'm just sick of my behaviour and I think I need some resolutions because 2008 is the year that I finally start putting myself first. Just recently, my young but very wise Padawan pointed out to me that I always seem to be so obligated to do things. Rather than do something just for the pure fun of satisfying myself, I seem to focus more on getting the approval from people around me; be it family, friends or even workmates. This got me thinking...

So, after some soul searching (which was basically just me surfing the net aimlessly) I came to the conclusion that I need some resolutions to ground me and steer my life in the right track; beginning with me putting myself and my needs first. So, here goes :-

1) I will find a new hobby and spend at least 2 hours a week dedicated to it.

The keyword is NEW. I have hobbies...but most are the usual ones that everyone seems to enjoy i.e. reading, shopping, watching movies. Hence the emphasis on NEW. My Padawan says that I should find one because then it'll be something that I do purely for myself, with no obligations to anyone else. Now, I just need to start my search...any suggestions?

2) I shall work on my confidence issues.

Yes, yes...I have confidence issues. To all you people who thought that I was just a snobbish, pretentious bit*h...well, now you know. I have issues...my friends think I should get over those issues and do something about it and you know what? They are right! It's high time that I stop feeling sorry for myself and making excuses for my inadequecies. I should work to improve myself instead. It's not going to be easy, what with the bruised confidence and all...So people, I need your help! The next time I act like a pathetic git, please knock some sence into me. Thanking you all in advance.

3) I need to control my drinking and bring it back down to a more suitable level.

It seems that in the past year, I've gone a little crazy with the booze binge and for seemingly no aparent reason. Considering the number of times I got drunk last year, plus the crazy antics on new years day this year...I think it's time for me to slow down. No doubt it was fun. But seriously, by this age I should have got all of those things out of my system, instead of upping the level. And all that drinking will definately affect this whole self improvement drive I've set for myself. So, the next time I look like I'm sliding down the "I wanna get drunk" slide, please pull me back and ground me. I know it's going to be hard for you considering how entertaining I get and all, but please...help me out k?

Okay, i guess that's all. I think it's reasonable to have 3 resolutions for 2008. It's not too many but they are going to be a handful as it is. So, I'll stick to just 3. If I actually manage to keep to them, 2008 may actually turn out to be a really great year...that's what I'm telling myself anyways, positive thinking and all. I guess, I'll just have to wait and see.

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nemesis-on-fire said...

girl u got u blogspot!! :D


oh yeah... u're smart n pretty, i dunno why u sometimes seem to lack confidence :D

well, last year at least i stuck to ONE resolution. i stayed at a job for a year. :P well, gonna be a year anyhow. even though uknowwho is an ass :P

so hey!! this year i wanna pick up salsa. just need to get around to the timing n transport. heehee... time to get in shape!!

shape out n ship out! :)

one step at a time. happy new year, snookums!